Swim Team Information

Good Morning Swim Team Parents,

We are excited and looking forward to a fun summer swim season.  A few reminders to kick things off.  Please take a minute to read the entire email.  We really appreciate your time!

* Friday May 11th is the last day to register for the swim team.

*Volunteer sign up will open at 9am on Friday May 11th.   Parents are required to sign up for 3 volunteer positions during the swim season.  Please do not worry, none of the positions are difficult or require a degree.  The June 5th Mock Meet will be an excellent opportunity to ask questions about any position that you have signed up for.   

*Parents that only have swimmers on the Mini Torpedoes will not be required to sign up for volunteer positions.   When your swimmer is promoted to the Team you will be asked to volunteer at that time.

*Friday May 11th is the last day to order any Swim Team Shwag.   This year we have t-shirts, v-necks, kids dry fit, tank tops and visors.   ***You don't want to be the only one at the swim meets without really cool Torpedoes Shwag!!! ***


*Meet the Coach/ Swim Test May 29th @6pm.   Swimmers new to the swim team will be asked to swim the length of the pool without assistance.  If swimmers cannot swim the entire length but can swim 1/3 the length without assistance they will be temporarily placed on the Mini Torpedoes.  Mini Torpedoes will be promoted to the team when they can swim the entire length of the pool.

*Team t-shirts and swim caps included in registration, as well as spirit wear, swim suits and goggles that have been ordered will be available for pick up at the meet the coach event May 29th.  Please make sure you pick up your bag.

*Swim Suits can be ordered at All American Swim store in Cary.  919-439-8678

Questions or concerns please feel free to email me at:


Go Torpedoes!!!

Erika Myers

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