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    Weather Policy

    Parents will be notified of any weather delays via email and it will also be posted on the Swimtopia home page as well as facebook.

    The Lifeguards have jurisdiction as to when the pool is open or closed for swim practice. Simple rain will not close down the pool. However, if thunder or lightning should occur, even if far off in the distance, the whistle is immediately blown and the pool will be closed for 30 minutes. It will not reopen until 30 minutes after the last thunder/lightning incident. We ask that parents make decisions in the event of weather at your discretion. If it's bad weather at the beginning of practice, but blows over and the pool reopens, those last groups will still practice, and vice versa. The coaches will try to keep you updated if practice is cancelled, but mother nature is unpredictable!

    If there is a weather concern on the night of a meet, we still ask that everyone arrive to the pool as usual. You may sit in your cars if a storm is occurring during check-in times and wait for it to blow over... hopefully. The TSA Reps on both teams have to agree as to whether or not to "call a meet" in the event of lightning/thunder or wait it out. As long as we can get thru breast stroke for all ages, the meet will count. Should a meet be cancelled it is by rule we hold the meet again (or finish the meet where we left off) the following night. Because it's a lot of work, we try not to do that and hope the weather passes!

    Please do not post on fb or email coaches/committee members about weather. It's a fairly simple rule. If practice is cancelled we will let you know! Thanks!

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