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    Each family is required to have an adult member volunteer for a minimum of 3 jobs over the course of the season. In the past, it has helped to choose the same 3 positions for learning purposes, but it is NOT required. You may choose from the 6 meets, the Mock Meet or the Tie-dye event. 

    NOTE: Your online registration will NOT be complete until you have made at least 3 selections.

    • TSA Volunteer Requirements/Job Descriptions, click here: Volunteer Info

    Mini Torpedoes Parent Opt-Out:

    You are not required to volunteer for 3 jobs if your child or children are ONLY on the Mini Team. However, if you have one child on the Minis and one on the main Swim Team, then you DO NOT qualify for this exemption. 

    Volunteer Check-in Procedure:

    1. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start of your position
    2. Sign-in at the Volunteer Check-in Table
    3. The Volunteer Coordinator / Asst Volunteer Coordinator will guide you with any instructions and materials necessary to do your job.
    4. Should you need further assistance, see the Volunteer Coordinator or a TSA Rep
    5. Unless you are on set-up or clean-up, jobs last the full duration of the meet
    6. Once a meet is over, make sure you return any vests, materials, or electronics that were given to you at check-in. 

    Should a volunteer not be able to fulfill a job last minute, you are responsible for finding a replacement for your job or contacting our volunteer coordinate, Wendy Poole, so one can be found for you. Please make sure you notify her of any conflicts prior to a meet ASAP. Thanks!!

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