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    Signups for volunteer positions will open up on TBD

    Each family is required to have an adult member volunteer for a minimum of 3 jobs over the course of the season. In the past, it has helped to choose the same 3 positions for learning purposes, but it is NOT required. You may choose from the 6 meets, or the Mock Meet.   

    Volunteers are essential for swim meets to run.   We cannot run swim meets without your help.   3 volunteer positions are required for your child to participate.

    • TSA Volunteer Requirements/Job Descriptions, click here: Volunteer Info

    Volunteer Check-in Procedure:

    1. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start of your position unless you are on set-up which requires 1 hour. 
    2. Sign-in at the Volunteer Check-in Table
    3. The Volunteer Coordinator / Asst Volunteer Coordinator will guide you with any instructions and materials necessary to do your job.
    4. Should you need further assistance, see the Volunteer Coordinator or a TSA Rep
    5. Unless you are on set-up (1 hour before) or clean-up (1 hour after), jobs last the full duration of the meet
    6. Once a meet is over, make sure you return any vests, materials, or electronics that were given to you at check-in. 

    Should a volunteer not be able to fulfill a job last minute, you are responsible for finding a replacement for your job or contacting our volunteer coordinator, Wendy Poole, so one can be found for you. Please make sure you notify her of any conflicts prior to a meet ASAP. Thanks!!

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