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Swim Meet 101

Helpful tips, guidelines and documents:

TSA Guidelines: TSA Rulebook

TSA Minimum Volunteer Requirements/Job Descriptions: Volunteer Info

If you are signed up to be the Announcer at one of our home meets, this is a useful script to go by: TSA Announcer Script Doc

If you are signed up to be the Starter at one of our home meets, here is a helpful script to go by: Starter Script Doc

TSA Reps Meet Checklist: TSA Reps Checklist

Swimmer's "Meet Checklist":

  • Team Bathing Suit
  • Cap and Goggles
  • Team T-shirt
  • Towel
  • Shoes
  • Suncreen (apply 30 mins before warm-ups)
  • Snacks, Water Bottle
  • Bag (Mesh or Waterproof)
  • Entertainment items, especially for the younger kids, to help occupy them in-between events (i.e. Crayons, Coloring Books, Puzzles, Games... we don't recommend electronics or something that can get ruined by water)

Swimmers Check-in Procedure:

  1. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to warm-ups
  2. Sign he/she in at the Swimmer's Check-in table
  3. Have the volunteer or the parent use a Sharpie to write the swimmer's number on the outside of both upper arms
  4. Set up a "spot" or lay down a towel in the designated area of your child's gender/age group, leave bag and food
  5. Make sure swimmers have sunscreen and swim caps on, and googles in hand or on head ready for use
  6. Join the coaches/teammates for warm-ups at assigned time

Volunteer Check-in Procedure:

  1. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start of your position
  2. Sign-in at the Volunteer Check-in Table
  3. The Volunteer Coordinator / Asst Volunteer Coordinator will guide you with any instructions and materials necessary to do your job. 
  4. Should you need further assistance, see the Volunteer Coordinator or a TSA Rep
  5. Unless you are on set-up or clean-up, jobs last the full duration of the meet 
  6. Once a meet is over, make sure you return any vests, materials, or electronics that were given to you at check-in. 
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